Regressing back to our past lives allows us to improve and evolve in this life.


When I did the training with Dr. Brian Weiss, the author of “Many Lives, Many Masters,” I loved it. We all spent a lot of time exploring our own past lives and watching Dr. Weiss work and it was a really wonderful adventure with plenty of healing going on.

These sessions are super fascinating. We gather information from our “other lives” that helps us better understand and gain insight from our current relationships, resolve many of our current struggles, heal our current bodies and really tune into our body-mind-spirit connection.

People often ask me if I think past life regression therapy is “real.” My answer is always the same: “It doesn’t really matter.” I say this because the point of the sessions is to get healing, find resolution and make this life better. I have seen that happen over and over again, and to me, that’s as real as it gets.

Dr. Weiss and Me.jpg

Dr. Weiss and I after his Past Life Regression Training at Omega in New York.