What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a natural state that we all go into frequently. It is a singular focusing of the mind. It’s that thing that happens when you go into a reverie when you’re driving and you realize you haven’t been paying attention for the last few minutes. Or when you are watching a movie and everything outside the screen goes away and you are totally invested in what's happening in the story. Musicians, actors, dancers, writers go into that space when they are creating or expressing their craft. Athletes call it being "in the zone." These are all examples of experiencing a light trance state. The difference is that in hypnosis the trance is heightened by relaxing the body as well as the conscious mind.



What does it feel like?


It’s an alert relaxation, a singular focusing of the mind. It's quite pleasant!



Will I lose control of myself? 


Absolutely not! Hypnosis is a way of giving you more control, not less. You cannot be hypnotized unwillingly, and you cannot be prompted to do something that is outside of your moral code.



Can I get stuck in hypnosis?


No, you are able to come out of hypnosis any time you wish.



Is this too hokey for me?


Healing yourself with your mind is an empowering and freeing thing. Nothing hokey about being powerful and free! 



How does hypnosis work?


Your thoughts and beliefs are very important. They affect and control everything whether they are conscious or not! Your thoughts and beliefs control your feelings, your feelings control your actions and your actions control your behavior. When you are in a hypnotic state, your conscious mind has been relaxed and you are able to go into a deeper awareness of yourself to understand and change those thoughts and beliefs, giving you a happier, better life!



Does insurance cover it?


Although I do not accept insurance, there are some insurance companies that will reimburse you for a portion of your sessions. I am happy to give you a receipt to submit to your insurance companies if they cover hypnotherapy.


What happens in the session?


In the first session, we will discuss what it is that you want to accomplish with our sessions. After our talk, you will get nice and comfortable in my chair or in you home and we would begin. Afterwards, you will have a custom recording.

Each subsequent session builds off of the session prior and is tailored to your progress each week. Everyone is different, so each series of sessions depends on you!



I am available for sessions in person and remotely.